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Is resurf.a.stic easier to use than other at-home treatments or devices?

Yes! Resurf.a.stic is flexible, portable and needs only a simple splash of water to activate the lubricants in the stick. The user determines the exact level of force he or she feels comfortable with in each area. Plus, being a solid, much of the mess associated with traditional microdermabrasion is eliminated and hands are kept clean.

What makes resurf.a.stic different from other at-home microdermabrasion treatments?

Gels or creams are applied using fingertips or a tool, which makes resurfacing evenly nearly impossible. Uneven pressure and irregular application patterns cause crystals to settle and cluster in low-level areas of the skin, causing redness and abrasion and leaving skin tender and discolored. Resurf.a.stics unique stick design allows crystals to be applied evenly at all times, eliminating redness and abrasions.

How do I use my resurf.a.stic?

Wet stick with water. For the face product, wet face with water as well. Gently press stick on skin and move in a light circular motion for one to two minutes. Greater or lesser exfoliation can be achieved by simply increasing or reducing pressure. Rinse the treated area with water and pat dry. Rinse stick and close cap after use.

How frequently can I use my resurf.a.stic?

Use once a week to start and increase treatment frequency as needed, up to three times per week.

What makes the face, body, ingrown and callus products different?

Different sized crystals are used for each of the product, depending on the sensitivity of the skin on that particular part of the body. For instance, resurf.a.stic face has much finer crystals than resurf.a.stic callus, which is used to soften very tough, hardened skin. The hydrating and skin-enriching treatments included in each specific formula also vary according to the needs of that part of the body.

Do I need to use a calming mask or post-treatment skin care regimen?

No. resurf.a.stic applies substantive bio-active hydrating moisturizers to the skin concurrently with microdermabrasion. This helps prevent skin from getting scratched or irritated, so there is no need for calming agents or post-treatment skin care.

What skin-enriching treatment agents are included in the resurf.a.stic formulations?

Natural ingredients like Aloe, Caffeine Butter, Chamomile Extract, Cucumber, Soy Protein and Symcalmin condition, moisturize and soothe skin while Green Tea, Vitamin A and Vitamin E deliver important antioxidant benefits, protecting newly resurfaced skin.

What are the medical-grade crystals made of?

The medical-grade, diamond-shaped crystals are made of aluminum oxide.

Will resurf.a.stic help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles?

Yes. Over time, resurf.a.stic will improve the overall health and texture of the skin as well as help diminish the appearance of fine lines, rough spots and wrinkles by softening skin and promoting collagen production.

Is it safe to use if I have Rosacea or Pustular Acne?

Resurf.a.stic should not be used if you have Rosacea or Pustular Acne, have very sensitive, broken or abraded skin.

Does resurf.a.stic reduce age spots or sun spots?

Yes. Resurf.a.stic face and body contain agents such as licorice root that aid in the diminishment of both age and sun spots with time. Resurf.a.stic body is great to use on areas such as the décolleté and hands where these pigmentations occur, leaving skin looking young and supple.