At-home facials on a budget

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All of us deserve to be pampered, but many of us simply can't justify spending our hard-earned dollars on a costly spa procedure. With that in mind, the savvy shopper can find plenty of great and inexpensive skin care fixes for a luxurious day of at-home beautification.

Grapefruit or apricot facial scrubs are inexpensive drug-store finds that will offer a great pick-me-up and will subtly exfoliate the skin, leaving it smoother and brighter.

Once you've scrubbed all that dead skin away, treat your face to a purifying mud mask. You don't need to go to the department stores to find an effective and luxurious product for your face that will tighten pores, clean away impurities and make you feel like a million bucks.

If you're really looking for a budget-friendly miracle, see what resurf.a.stic can do for you. At only $40, resurf.a.stic is the only product that offers professional-quality microdermabrasion in an easy-to-use stick form, offering you affordable salon-quality resurfacing technology without the mess or uneven results of most at-home kits.