Replacing your regular scrub

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Some of us swear by the apricot scrub that's always in our shower caddy, and it's easy to see why. Simple scrubs and exfoliants do wonders for your complexion, and at no hefty price, either.

However, there are ways to replace your favorite product in case you run out or are simply looking for more in terms of great skin care.

"Dermatologists say chemical exfoliators like glycolic and hydroxy acids are super effective in revealing brighter skin," reports. Some of these products come in the form of a glycolic peel, moisturizer or cleanser, but no matter how you spin it, these ingredients are built for uncovering amazing skin.

Lots of people are using at-home microdermabrasion kits - if you're among the ranks who need more from their exfoliating routine, this may be right up your alley. If you do go this route, skip the messy, ineffective creams and go straight for the gold - resurf.a.stic is the only product that offers professional quality microdermabrasion in a stick, with wonderful hydrating properties as well.