Microdermabrasion - for your body?

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We're willing to bet that even if you knew that microdermabrasion wasn't only for your face, you probably didn't expect there to be a way to get a body treatment without shelling out a sizeable paycheck or two or dealing with messy, ineffective creams at home.

With resurf.a.stic body, that's no longer the case. This incredible, easy-to-use stick offers all the convenience of a roll-on product combined with professional-level microdermabrasion for a price that's sure to leave your wallet smiling.

Resurf.a.stic is the world's only one-step microdermabrasion, hydration and treatment stick in one, taking the pain, irritation and ineffectiveness out of at-home resurfacing treatments.

There's a product designed especially for the face, but the body gets its due attention as well. Simply wet the stick with water, press it on the skin in a light circular motion and rinse the area you just revitalized. The patented formula hydrates as it goes, so you're way less likely to experience dryness, irritation or anything that isn't clear, radiant skin.