Microdermabrasion can help you reveal a fresh new face to the world

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There's something to be said about shedding a layer of skin - snakes do this time after time, as it allows them room for further growth. Who said it wasn't the same with humans? Maybe we're not leaving entire exoskeletons behind us every time we decide to emerge anew, but our skin is continually regenerating itself, and on a more metaphorical level, we tend to leave outdated looks behind every time we take a trip to the salon for a hairdo overhaul or facial.

On this last note, Jeane Marie Ziegler, a certified medical aesthetician and owner of Pure Skin Medi-Spa in Valparaiso, Michigan, told NWITimes.com that a trip to the spa can have plenty of health benefits too.

"It's wonderful when someone can help take the stress away," Ziegler told the news source. "The whole experience makes you feel better. A massage or facial helps remove the toxins from the body by promoting lymphatic drainage."

According to Ziegler, microdermabrasion is one of the most popular and effective ways to improve the skin's health, a process which essentially sloughs off dead skin cells to promote cellular turnover and brighten dull complexions.

Of course, microdermabrasion as a whole has shed its own skin since its inception in the '80s, so to speak. Many salons such as Ziegler's offer advanced treatments that involve electrical stimulation, and there are countless at-home kits now available to consumers on the market. These products are not without flaw, however. Many microdermabrasion kits involve messy, ineffective creams that don't deliver uniform results.

Fortunately, these issues only served to inspire resurf.a.stic, the world' first and only "microdermhydration stick." Resurf.a.stic combines professional-level microdermabrasion and skin-rejuvenating hydration treatments, all in the convenience of an easy-to-use stick form that ensures even distribution and uniform results.

Not only will resurf.a.stic help you put your freshest face forward to the world, but it will also ramp up the effectiveness of your other skincare products. By removing the tens of thousands of dead skin cells that form a barrier that normally blocks skin treatments from doing their job, you'll harness the full benefits of your moisturizing, cleansing and antiaging products.