Feet deserve special treatment to launch into spring

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Your apartment isn't the only thing in dire need of some spring cleaning right now. If you haven't seen (and we mean really seen) your feet in months, perhaps it's time to treat them to some rigorous treatments - or at the very least, a pedi.

"In the winter, personal grooming seems to stop at the ankle," Dr. Megan Leahy told the Chicago Sun-Times. "Most people really don't pay much attention to their feet when they're encased in heavy shoes and boots. It's only when they slip on a pair of sandals for the first time that they realize what a toll the winter has taken on their feet."

To restore feet back to summertime status, you can use exfoliating scrubs, pumice stones and Epsom salts and oils as Leahy recommends - or you can skip straight to one of the leading innovators in the skincare industry.

Resurf.a.stic by blinc has changed the way people do microdermabrasion at home with a line of products designed for the face, the body, ingrown hairs and calluses. If your feet have seen better days, using resurf.a.stic callus will help slough away dead skin cells, using the world's first and only "microdermhydration" technology. Resurf.a.stic offers professional microdermabrasion combined with hydrating skin treatments, all in the convenience of an easy-to-use stick.