Prepping yourself with the right makeup for a job interview

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A job interview is the perfect opportunity to make a good first impression on a potential employer, but for women, this chance can be thwarted by a lack of preparation - on the face, of course. After choosing the right outfit and hairstyle or the big day, taking the time to decide on the makeup that can help you make a memorable first impression.

Loading on too much eye shadow and mascara can give off an aggressive look, while wearing no makeup at all can leave you looking sloppy. For a balanced appearance, dab concealer over any imperfections and apply just enough eyeliner to make your visage pop. A soft dark mascara can finish off your eyes and draw attention to your face.

When addressing your eyes, choose a neutral lip gloss for a natural look. If you're intent on wearing eye shadow, opt for dark, subtle colors. Plum and brown both work well in the office without giving off an aggressive vibe.

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