Walk much?

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It's hard to contain your excitement when you're in a brand new city and the only thing on your agenda is serendipitous exploration. Feet can take on superhuman powers when we feel like we've got wings, enabling us to walk for stretches unfathomable to most of the local residents.

When planning your next adventure, do consider the travails you're bound to embark on. You may not feel it till it's too late, but your feet can and will take a rather nasty beating.

A little prevention can go a long way, however. Wear shoes with good arch support, and for goodness sake, forget the heels. You can find some padded sole inserts if your walking shoes of choice aren't quite up to par.

If and when you do form blisters and calluses, resist the urge to pick and squeeze - this will only lead to a more painful situation. Instead, opt for a product like resurf.a.stic. This one-of-a-kind product offers professional-level microdermabrasion with a built-in hydration treatment, all in the convenience of an easy-to-use stick form. The inset crystals will gently slough away dead skin cells to leave you with smooth, callus-free feet.