How to better battle ingrown hairs this summer

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Ingrown hairs and razor burn may be a common plague that the people must face, but that doesn't mean you have to go into battle completely defenseless. With the proper tools and strategies, you'll be on your way to sleek, smooth sexy status, having left that irritation far behind in the dust.

According to, taking the proper steps as you shave will offer an excellent preventative measure. Be sure to exfoliate and spend a couple minutes in the hot shower prior to getting the razor out - this will help loosen any trapped hairs and soften your hair. Then, make sure you're using a sharp blade and a heavy moisturizing cream. For especially sensitive areas, shave with the grain - it's worth it, we swear.

Even the wisest of strategies won't always prevent you from getting nasty ingrown bumps, however. Where salicylic acid doesn't do the trick, resurf.a.stic is a great alternative for picking up the slack. Resurf.a.stic offers the world's only "microdermhydration" stick, which provides professional-level at-home microdermabrasion combined with a built-in hydration treatment, which leaves you with beautiful smooth skin and no residual irritation.