The mathematics of a healthy glow

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Even if you haven't taken math since high school, this is one equation that's fairly easy to wrap your head around. Sometimes you need to subtract a little baggage in the form of dry, dead skin cells to add a bit of lively color to your face (and multiply the life of your tan exponentially).

As we get ready for the summer weather and hopefully, lots of beach time, it's crucial that we begin prepping now to make sure that we've got nice, beach-ready skin that's optimally suited for the sun's sweet rays.

If exfoliating isn't part of your regular routine, make the effort to change that now. By scrubbing your face and body on a regular basis, you're essentially doing a routine clean-up of dead skin that stands between you and a brighter complexion.

Of course, there are times when a regular old salt scrub just won't make the cut. Excessive blockage can often prevent your moisturizers, face creams and other skincare products from properly doing their job, resulting in a less potent tan or even a shorter life span for your self-tanning products. If you're harboring layers of dead weight from the harsh winter season, you may have already considered employing an at-home microdermabrasion kit to get a thorough skin renewal.

For those who are interested in a bit more of an advanced product, skip the harsh, messy creams and go straight for resurf.a.stic. Resurf.a.stic offers the world's first and only "microdermhydration" treatment, which combines professional-quality microdermabrasion with an intuitive, built-in hydration treatment, all in the convenience of an easy-to-use stick form.

Resurf.a.stic body is built to address all of the curves, nooks and crannies of your shape, and thanks to its revolutionary stick design, you'll get much more uniform results. Traditional creams tend to pool in low-lying areas, resulting in redness, irritation and a less even application. The last thing you want before hitting the sand is irritated skin, so get the most gentle results and let your sunscreen do the rest. With resurf.a.stic, you'll be languishing with your sun-kissed glow for weeks and weeks to come.