Your comprehensive pre-beach checklist

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With Memorial Day freshly behind us, we can now say with some officiality that summer has gladly arrived. We have no doubt that some of you have already managed to escape to warmer, whiter sands, but for those of you who have yet to officiate your own personal beach season, here's a comprehensive guide to getting in your best bikini-bod shape.

1. How hard have you hit the gym lately - really? If you've been diligent about it, all the more power to you. But if you've been somewhat of a procrastinator in the fitness arena, worry not - there's still time to put in those extra hours on the elliptical, and there are even quicker and easier ways to get that slight extra tone-up right before you get ready to hit the waves. Doing a round of push-ups and sit-ups right before you go to the beach can help tighten up your muscles and make you feel a bit less soft around the middle. If you've got a few problem areas - who doesn't? - try a firming lotion. No magic cream will actually give you the sleek muscles you desire, but a quality product can help tighten loose skin and make you feel that much more youthful and fit.
 2. Hair today, gone tomorrow. There's no time like beach-time to make the most of your highly evolved hair-removal strategies, so make sure you're in top shape before you don that two-piece. Unless you've braved the world of waxing (which you still undoubetdly find painful and expensive), chances are that shaving isn't where your problems start and end. Razors can leave unsightly bumps and ingrown hairs on sensitive areas, which is definitely something you don't want tagging along with you to the beach. Protect yourself against irritation by choosing a fragrance-free shaving cream that won't clog your pores and using resurf.a.stic to help treat any resulting ingrown hairs. Resurf.a.stic is the world's first and only "microdermhydration" stick, which combines professional-level microdermabrasion technology with an intuitive, built-in hydration treatment - all in the convenience of an easy-to-use stick form. Resurf.a.stic ingrown helps liberate trapped hairs without causing any further irritation.
 3. Be smart about your base tan. While it's definitely good to have some color before you introduce your skin to a 12-hour bout of sun, subjecting your skin to extra damage sort of defeats the purpose. Always wear broad-spectrum sunscreen, and stick to self-tanners for these purposes - your skin will thank you in 30 years. Have trouble getting the full effect? Try an exfoliator or at-home microdermabrasion product (such as resurf.a.stic) to slough off dead skin cells and thus optimize the effects of all of your skincare products.