Growing pores are a burgeoning concern

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The gradual enlargement of one's pores isn't anything new in the realm of unfavorable aging symptoms, but it appears that more people are starting to pay attention to this nit-picky beauty detail. According to The New York Times, there's an increased concern among both men and women regarding the size and cleanliness of their pores, and many are going to great lengths to achieve seamless-looking skin.

"Like home renovators who overhaul the kitchen only to then find fault with the master bath, some dermatology patients feel that, once their wrinkles are relaxed and their brown spots treated, their pores stand out," the news source reports. "Such is the level of worry that doctors have nicknamed the condition 'porexia.'"

While there's no proven way to permanently reduce the size of your pores, you can enlist the aid of exfoliators and at-home microdermabrasion kits to deep-clean your pores and expunge impurities, thereby making them less noticeable.

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