Beauty tips for your big (wedding) day

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Most brides have nightmares about having a wedding-day break-out. With all the added stress, anxiety and late-night workouts, this nightmare could actually come true. To avoid this unfortunate fate, make some changes to your daily routine to ward off any uninvited guests.

If you've been slaving and saving over the last year to prepare for your impending nuptials, don't forget about one big aspect - how your face looks. Most brides worry about all of the details of the big event coming together, up to and including losing those extra five pounds to squeeze perfectly into the gown of their dreams. All this added stress builds up and can make you look worn-out and tired when you're supposed to be glowing.

Working out can lead to break-outs as well, so whenever you partake in your pre-wedding exercising, make sure to wash your face immediately after to avoid any build-up of oil, which causes clogged pores and makes you an easy target for pimples. If your eyes look tired, apply cucumber slices to help reduce puffiness and dark circles. Another way to give your face an added boost of help is by using resurf.a.stic face, the world's first and only "microdermhydration" stick created to give you the results of a microdermabrasion treatment from the comfort of your home. This procedure hydrates while removing countless dead skin cells, leaving your face looking fresh and fabulous on the most important day of your life.