Having a bad foot day? Here's what you can do

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When it comes to feet, not all are created equal. From short toes and wide feet to boney shapes with ugly toenails. Whether real or imagined, just about everyone has something to say about her feet. People magazine even has a section online dedicated to the stars' least appealing features.

With feet being such a known eyesore, there's no reason for you to feel ashamed of your toes because of a few imperfections. Yet if your issues run deeper than your chipped nail polish, you may want to try products that will ease your foot woes. Resurf.a.stic callus can get your feet looking and feeling great in no time.

Build up of dead skin looks unsightly and can be uncomfortable. Resurf.a.stic callus works to remove dead skin on the feet as well as those pesky calluses that usually result from working out or wearing too many sky-high stilettos. As the world's first and only "microdermhydration" stick, resurf.a.stic will get your feet looking and feeling better than those of even the hottest stars - but without the mess or costly price tag.