Taking care of your skin after going for a swim

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If you are an avid swimmer or you just love hanging by the pool during the summer, you know how much the chlorinated water can take a toll on your skin. Even though it is necessary to keep pool water clean, chlorine can damage both your skin and hair over time. But what do you do if swimming is your preferred method of exercise?

You don't have to stop hitting the pool at the gym just because of the chemicals in the water. If you take care of your skin and hair immediately after swimming, you can avoid the harsh after-effects of the pool.

First, make sure you shower immediately after swimming. Allowing the chlorine to sit in your hair and on your skin will cause it to dry out. If possible, use conditioner in your hair while showering.

Next, lotion your skin thoroughly after bathing. This will help you rehydrate it and prevent it from drying and flaking due to the pool chemicals.

Finally, incorporate resurf.a.stic into your skincare routine. This one step microdermabrasion stick is designed to exfoliate your skin and keep it smooth and silky.