How to keep your face blemish-free

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Throughout the month, women's hormones are constantly fluctuating, which can cause unwanted breakouts and blemishes. Even if you have a strict skincare routine, you might not be doing enough of the small things to take care of your body. Often, it's skipping the lotion or face wash that results in breakouts during inconvenient moments.

If you've had the same skincare routine since you were a teen, the first thing you need to do is adjust accordingly. As we age, so does our skin - this means a change in products is necessary in order to maintain it over time.

When shopping for moisturizer, look for formulas that include SPF protection to prevent lines and wrinkles from appearing. Also make sure that the lotion caters to your type of skin, whether it's oily or sensitive.

Even if you don't have a breakout, it's still a good idea to use a daily face wash to keep your pores healthy. Resurf.a.stic can also help maintain the health of your skin by exfoliating and keeping it silky smooth. Making a few small changes might be all you need to keep your face blemish-free.