Resurf.a.stic is a must-have when pampering yourself on your day off

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Every woman should take the time to pamper herself on occasion, especially if she works a full-time job in between taking care of children at home. However, many busy moms hardly give themselves the TLC they deserve with a little down time.

If you're one of the many women constantly finding yourself burnt out, make it a point to treat yourself to a little luxury once a month. This means pampering yourself, whether it be with a trip to a spa for a massage or to a salon for a new hair cut.

To kick off your new routine, purchase resurf.a.stic to make your skin feel young again. This one step microdermabrasion stick is designed to exfoliate your skin and clean your pores - a treatment that could be costly at a spa.

On your pampering day, get a manicure and pedicure to help you relax. Do a little shopping to take your mind off of your responsibilities at home. You'll be surprised at how much stress you can relieve with one day off. In turn, you can make yourself a more enjoyable person to be around.