Taking precautionary measures while shaving to prevent skin irritation

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Although many women prefer to wax their hair away, the standard removal method is shaving. Razors have come a long way since our mothers first starting using them, but they aren't guaranteed to come without nicks and cuts. Even when using shaving cream, skin is prone to damage during the hair removal process.

 When you're not getting small cuts from your razor, you're likely struggling with skin irritation. Although this little device is effective in getting rid of hair, it isn't exactly comfortable for your skin, especially if you use it every day.

There are a couple of ways that you can prevent skin irritation during the shaving process. First, make sure you're using an ample amount of shaving cream - not standard body wash or soap. Shaving cream is more effective in helping the blade run smoothly over your skin.

Next, apply lotion immediately after getting out of the shower. This can prevent your skin from drying out and becoming irritated due to shaving.

Finally, eliminate any ingrown hairs with resurf.a.stic. This one step microdermabrasion stick is designed to exfoliate the skin and painlessly remove ingrown hairs.