Preventing breakouts and blemishes with vitamins in your diet

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If you're prone to blemishes, you might wonder why they keep coming back despite using a daily face wash and cleanser. Although these formulas can help prevent breakouts and eliminate existing blemishes, it takes a little extra effort to keep them at bay, as you might find after months of trying numerous skincare products. notes that one thing that many people fail to take into consideration when it comes to healthy skin is their diet. Believe it or not, the nutrients you put into your body play a big role in how your skin appears.

If you've seemingly tried everything in the book, you might want to think about incorporating more Vitamin A, C and E into your diet. You can get these nutrients through foods, such as fruit and nuts.

You might want to think about revamping your skincare routine as well if you truly want to see results. Resurf.a.stic is one product that can help you live blemish-free. This one step microdermabrasion stick can get rid of dead skin cells, exfoliate and clean your pores to help prevent breakouts.