Understanding the causes of calluses and how to prevent them

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Most people develop calluses at least once in their lifetime, but it can be difficult to understand how this skin condition arises. You might not realize you have a callus until it's already causing pain on your foot. However, understanding the causes of calluses may be able to help you prevent them over time.

Discovery Health reports that calluses can develop for a number of reasons. The most common ones are walking around barefoot, wearing shoes that are too tight or wearing open-backed shoes. Calluses are commonly found on the ball of the foot where the skin is constantly rubbing against a rough material.

Although they may not be painful at first, calluses can become irritating if they continue to grow. One way to remove them without pain and nourish the skin is to use resurf.a.stic.

This one step microdermabrasion stick is specifically designed to get rid of calluses and restore the silky smooth feeling to the skin. Resurf.a.stic will also exfoliate the skin and remove excess layers of dead cells.

To prevent calluses from developing, you might want to invest in more comfortable shoes or insoles that can provide you with further support.