Understanding the causes of ingrown hairs

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Many people suffer from ingrown hairs, but don't exactly know why they occur. Although this problem is common, it can be difficult to get rid of and even more irritating if you don't understand why it keeps happening.

HairChick.com reports that ingrown hairs come up when hair that has been shaved, waxed or plucked grows back incorrectly. It can curve and pierce the skin, according to ABC News, and ingrown hairs can even become infected.

One way to remove ingrown hairs without pain is to use resurf.a.stic. This one step microdermabrasion stick is composed of nutrients that can help exfoliate the skin and eliminate ingrown hairs that may develop from shaving.

After you get rid of the problem, it's important to take the right preventative measures to keep it from coming back. When you shave, make sure that your skin is soft and your pores are open - the best time to do so is in the shower when your skin is exposed to warm water. Try to avoid shaving against the grain to stop from creating ingrown hairs.Look like an A-list celeb with flawless skin from resurf.a.stic