Coping with ingrown hair and its symptoms

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If you have ingrown hair, you know how irritating and painful it can be to cope with it. Not only are ingrown hairs unsightly, but they can lead to further complications. If the area of hair is further irritated and not kept clean, the skin can become infected.

The Mayo Clinic reports that while ingrown hair may seem like a minor inconvenience, it can become more than that if it is allowed to persist. The best way to take care of the problem is to stop shaving and plucking your hair immediately. It may take weeks for the hair follicles to recover, but you will reduce the risk of infection.

When you begin shaving again, remember to use a clean razor and apply shaving cream to soften the skin prior to removing the hair. Moisturize the area afterward to nourish the skin and prevent it from becoming irritated.

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