Treating ingrown hair before beach weather arrives

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Now that bikini season is just around the corner, you'll want to make sure you take care of any unsightly razor bumps and ingrown hairs before you show some skin. If you want to prepare yourself for summer, here are a few ways to remove ingrown hairs and keep your skin silky smooth.

1. Treat ingrown hair with resurf.a.stic.

If you're tired of trying over-the-counter drug store [one word] products that don't work, opt for resurf.a.stic to eliminate ingrown hairs quickly and easily. This one step microdermabrasion stick is designed to get rid of unwanted hair without pain.

2. Exfoliate your skin.

To ensure that your skin is radiant and ready for beach weather, exfoliate it before you slip on your bathing suit. This can remove dead skin cells that have built up over the winter and may be dulling your complexion.

3. Moisturize regularly.

Before and after you shave a sensitive area, make sure to take the proper precautionary measures. Use shaving cream suitable for sensitive skin and apply lotion after you step out of the shower to reduce irritation.